1. Gemini

    keep their heels, head, and standards high but middle finger even higher.

  2. No Stupid People

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  4. I LOVE these nails

  5. SO TRUE!


    Gemini Facts


  7. I’m a communicator…

    I like to communicate. Whether it’s my feelings, my opinion or just facts, I like to discuss things. This is what I do so I expect people that are closest to me to do so also. The way I see it, if you don’t open your mouth and tell me what you need, you cannot assume I will know. If you do not open your mouth and tell me how you feel, you cannot assume I will know. If you do not open your mouth and tell me what going on, you cannot assume I will know. So open your mouth and communicate. God gave you a mouth and a voice use it. I use mine all the time even when it gets me into trouble and situations that I have to again “talk” myself out of, my voice will be heard at the end of the day. I hate when people DO NOT use their “mouth” to “voice” their thoughts, needs, wants and opinions.

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  10. I’m SO EFFING tired…. my TONGUE is BLEEDING!

    I so fucking tired of living of the life created for someone else.

    This life is NOT for me. I am meant to be FREE to say exactly what the eff I want and when the eff I want to. But here I am once again trying to protect other people’s feelings. If I had my way I think everyone’s feelings would be hurt because I usually don’t stand for the BULLSH!T. But since I care, (and in this instance I care a lot) I will once again bite my tongue. But just know that one day the time will come that I won’t be able to bite my tongue and I will just open my mouth and say “Why the HELL are you so effin stupid?!”. Why the HELL can’t you take care of yourself. Why the HELL do I have to break my back to figure out ways to take care of you?! I know that we all have our weaknesses but I’ll be damned if I let you kill me and my spirit. The time will come when I will say NO EFFING MORE of this bullsh!t…. if I could I would, BUT I guess that time isn’t today because I sit here right now, still BITING MY EFFING TONGUE,  BLEEDING. URGH